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If you had a penny for every time you heard the word "Networking", you would probably have enough money to fund your MBA. But, where do you start? How do you network your way into your target company?

Start by adding the information of your connections in a digital rolodex, Keep In Touch (KIT). Add the information with just one click. Here is how you can do it:

  1. After you create a login, your gmail and outlook account will be integrated with our platform  

  2. When you receive an email from your connection, you will see a KIT icon next to the email id

  3. Click the icon to add the connection to your rolodex

  4. You can fill additional information about your connection such as their company, or any common grounds

  5. All private data is anonymized on our platform 

Connect with people

After adding your connections on the platform, sit back and relax. We take care of your two most important questions:

  1. Who will help me in my recruitment?

  2. How can I expand my network?

We use a novel machine learning algorithm to automatically bucket your connections into Hot, Warm, and Cold categories. 

This status will dynamically change based on your interaction with your connection. 

You will also receive smart reminders to follow-up with your connection with whom you are losing touch.

Grow relations

You have added an amazing human being to your network and you know where you stand with them. Now, our platform will help you grow the relations naturally. 

You can add notes of all your interactions. Place tags on connections to make a new group. Set smart reminders to connect with connections if you are in a location or read a new news article. Its very flexible! 

Happy Networking! 

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